Naughty List:

Lebron James
The most shocking news to rock the world of basketball was Lebron James’ decision to transfer from Cleveland to Miami. This move not only cost Cleveland hundreds of millions of dollars, but also reduced the tourism income of his hometown that thought so fondly of him. One of the main reasons he left besides “actually wanting to win championships” was the pressure of being the big shot, but apparently he was not man enough to be the hero everyone thought he was.

It flooded news networks and our beaches. The BP Gulf oil spill will find its way into history books as one of the largest and most devastating disasters in our nation’s history. The former CEO of BP, Tony Hayward, earned this spot of disgrace through his decision to keep pumping more oil than was safe to make a quick buck. The result: the public has been left to cope with the after math and countless animals were killed or displaced.

Boone High School

On a more local angle is the campus itself. The now infamous “last day of school brawl” blew up on Facebook, got a story written about it in the local paper and managed to end up on the 6 o’clock news. From fire alarms being pulled to a senior prank causing multiple fights, this was not the normal behavior Boone is known for.

Paris Hilton

The most famous spoiled brat rebelled onto the naughty list. Typically Paris has done her share of naughty things throughout the years but this year was a whole new level even for the infamous party girl. While going to Japan to promote her fashion line and her dozen fragrances, she was banned from staying in the country because of pleading guilty to cocaine possession in Las Vegas earlier that week. Apparently she didn’t learn her lesson from getting busted from possession of the same drug in South Africa at the World Cup earlier this year.

Making the naughty list of 2010 is not a single person, or company but an entire nation: United States of America. Twisting its title of the “leader of the free world,” the U.S. has borrowed billions of dollars from China putting the U.S. the biggest debt it has ever been in, creating dependence on foreign nations. For decades we have fought for freedom, and now it is literally being sold away.

Rick Scott
Wrapping up the naughty list of 2010 is Florida’s Governor Elect Rick Scott. Scott got off on the wrong foot with the public this November by saying he has plans to implement merit pay for teachers, where their salary would be based on their student’s test scores. What is more controversial is his past, where he claimed he was “unaware” that his chain of health care centers participated in the largest medicare fraud in U.S. history, which is simply ludicrous. It looks like Florida is about to have a governor who loves scapegoating or was otherwise too clueless to notice.

Nice List:

On the nice list for 2010 is Chick-fil-a. While best known for serving its customers chicken, it also serves its community. The Chick-fil-a Leadership Scholarship Program allows selected employees to receive scholarships that go toward the employee’s future education. Each year 25 people are awarded $1,000 scholarships. Along with scholarship money, Chick-fil-a additionally supports the Win Shape Foundation, which provides opportunities for underprivileged teens to go to college. The local Chick-fil-a on Orange Avenue also allows school clubs to host fundraising events in their facilities, which includes providing Chick-fil-a discount cards to anyone participating or supporting in their events. These acts of sharing and community make the Chick-fil-a corporation a member of the nice list.

Aung San Suu Kyi
International pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is a civil rights advocate for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, also known as Burma. After winning the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Suu Kyi advocated for human rights to the Burmese officials through peaceful rallies and political debates. She had been in and out of house arrest for 20 years for leading the National League for Democracy and was released on November 13. For continuing her equality league, even after threat of future imprisonment, Suu Kyi is an honorable member of this list.

Key Club
Key Club helps the community through various service projects, such as raising money for Hats and Hugs and encouraging participation in Relay For Life. Collaborating with non-profit organizations such as the Hubbard House and the American Cancer Society, the Key Club’s efforts are commendable. Through their extensive involvement with the Russell Home and Second Harvest Food Bank, Key Club has shown compassion that puts them at the top of the nice list.

Michael Vick
From disgrace to redemption, this NFL football player has earned his place on the nice list. In August 2007, Michael Vick was found guilty on charges of animal abuse. Vick has since become a new person. Helping the Philadelphia Eagles become Superbowl contenders and helping teens becoming more aware of the effects of misguided decisions, Vick switched over to the positive side of the list. Joining forces with the Humane Society of the United States and its president Wayne Pacelle, Vick now travels to schools across the U.S. to speak out against animal cruelty. On a full pro bono mission, Vick emphases to his young fans about responsibility. This act of accountability has proven Michael Vick worthy.

Ellen DeGeneres
Actress and TV host Ellen DeGeneres has shown limitless empathy in her campaign to end the bullying of young gays and lesbians. In September, after the suicide of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi, DeGeneres made a public statement on her television show commenting on other teen suicides. On her Web site, DeGeneres commends role models for speaking out against injustices and provides links for bullied teens seeking help. Her determination in helping America’s youth is truly inspiring.

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