Traditionally, the ideal quarterback is a stout, tall figure who stands around 6’ 5”, sits in the pocket and delivers the ball with high velocity and pinpoint accuracy. Well, the traditional quarterback is in a transformation stage, thanks to the recent play of three quarterbacks: Tim Tebow, Cameron Newton and Michael Vick.
The recent dominance of college quarterbacks who posess the ability to scramble and run the football is beginning to change the outlooks on the proto-typical NFL quarterback. Most people consider the ideal NFL quarterback to resemble Peyton Manning or Tom Brady and, though they are outstanding, more dynamic quarterbacks are entering the picture.
Tim Tebow, one of the greatest college quarterbacks of all time, ravaged defenses his sophomore year, accounting for 55 total touchdowns (32 passing and 23 rushing). This year, Cameron Newton has been able to replicate much of what Tebow accomplished, throwing for 28 touchdowns and rushing for 20, totaling 48 touchdowns.
Although NFL scout have doubts about Newton’s and Tebow’s futures in the pros, Michael Vick has proven that with a few adjustments to their mechanics, a quarterback that can also run can be one of the deadliest weapons an offense can posses.
By compressing his throwing motion and cleaning up his 3-and-5 step drops, Michael Vick has become the most explosive player in the NFL. He has proven that he can beat a team with his arm but, just in case, he also has the ability to run all over defenses and wear them down. With a quarterbacks like Michaels Vick, every play is the wildcat.

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