Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never portrays his start to fame and his life on the road since becoming famous.  The movie chronicles his life and his journey to his performance at Madison Square Garden, his goal performance in which he hoped to sell out the venue, which he did in 22 minutes.

Because of this documentary style movie his fans, friends and family speak about his life and performances. His fans throughout the movie describe the joy they have when they see him perform.  Throughout the movie cameras follow Bieber in his everyday life.  His family talks about him growing up with the musical talent that was evident from a very young age, as well as his dedication towards the industry and his commitment being successful.

The most compelling thing about Bieber is how he rose to fame.  He did not have famous parents to help him along the way.  To gain his fame, Bieberposted home videos on popular website YouTube. His manager Scooter Braun, also the one to produce the film, watched Bieber’s videos and made the efforts to contact him when he was just 12- years-old and the movie captures that moment when Bieber and his mother turned to Island Records and signed a deal then.  At the start of his career he was told that if he did not sign with networks like Disney or Nickelodeon and he was committed to proving them wrong

Though the movie can be jumpy, flashbacking to different performances as the  Madison Square Garden concert approaches, the flashbacks just enhance the suspense for the special performance.  Even if one walked into the theater not knowing one song, walking out that person could have most of Bieber’s songs memorized.  The movie targets a younger crowd but that doesn’t mean high school students would not like it too.  People tend to walk in the movie bashing Bieber’s voice, hair, age, style, height or a combination of all but end up walking out with a newfound respect for the him and leave with Bieber Fever.

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