Starring in his first animated film, Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) embraces the genre. He stars as Rango, a lost and confused chameleon.

On a roadtrip, Rango’s owner swerves off the road and he is unintentionally thrown out of his car, the chameleon finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere. He is stuck in a desert where water is a rare sight. After a time of traveling he encounters Beans (Isla Fisher, Wedding Crashers) who takes him into the small, weathered town Dirt.

Struggling to determine who he is as a person, the lizard leaps into a fake persona and convinces the townspeople his name is Rango and he has been a feared opponent from the West. Rango is enthused with theater and assuming this fake persona comes easily to him, which he uses to impress the townspeople. Astonished at his stories, the townspeople appoint him as their new sheriff and beg for his help in finding out how to replenish the water back to the parched town.

The plot is an interesting approach for an animated film even though it deals with finding a natural resource. Filled with action packed scenes that force Rango to test his ability to stay in character even if he is really horrified.  The film is filled with suggestive humor that entertains both adults and kids; the jokes amuse children but have a sublime message to them, which keeps the movie interesting for adults.

Paramount outdid itself with this visually compelling movie. The animation is as realistic as possible without steering away from the animation feel. Dirt, although it appears old,  it has a lively affect. The rolling balls of hay, swirling gusts of wind and doors swinging off the hinges give the town a weathered effect. The western clothing and scenery is authentic, along with the country twang individualized to each character.

Staying true to a typical kid movie, the film supplies an inspirational message of keeping real to oneself. Rango struggles to be someone he is not and his struggle serves as proof that denying one’s true identity never works out right. The film also stresses how valuable water is to society.

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