SPICE IT. The spicy shrimp dish packs a powerful kick. It may be served hot, medium or mild.photo/STAFF


Step into the sleek, modern Thornton Park location of Dexter’s Orlando and fall in love with the restaurant, where everything from the waiters to the lighting is trendy.

The restaurant is a Thornton Park hot spot where a mix of hip trendsetters and classy business people choose to dine.  Even if one is set off against the clichéd modern feel of the venue, the fantastic menu has choices for everyone.  From American classics such as the Dexter’s special sandwich, essentially turkey breast and Gouda cheese on French bread ($6.50), to items with an original twist such as the Char-Grilled Caribbean Jerk Chicken Salad ($10.95), the menu is expansive.

For those seeking a safe menu item, one can’t go wrong with the Cesar Salad ($6.95 for a half and $8.95 for a whole).  The homemade dressing is fantastic with a selection of ingredients such as anchovies, garlic and fresh eggs blended into a tangy sauce.  The salad is topped with mesquite grilled chicken and parmesan cheese and stands as a classic and easy choice for any diner.

If looking for something new to try, the spicy shrimp pasta ($11.95) is a terrific choice that is unique to Dexter’s.  The dish is served to one’s preference of mild, medium or hot and is topped with ripened tomatoes, pan seared shrimp and diced green onions.  It will leave visitors craving this men item for their next visit.

Overall, Dexter’s provides a modern atmosphere, an expansive menu and sufficient prices.  It is the ideal location for a night out with friends or a date with a significant other.

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