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Alison Krauss is no newbie when it comes to producing top-notch albums, and her newest album Paper Airplane is no exception. Krauss’ soulful tunes have been around for over a quarter of a century, and have won her 27 Grammy’s. This album has the same slow, Bluegrass Country feeling and religious roots as her previous albums, including Raising Sand and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The album’s hit song as well as title and opening track, Paper Airplane, displays a slow, tranquil melody. The story behind the song is an emblem for the theme of the whole album.

“It represents a trial; like a trying time that has an end,” Krauss said. “And that’s what everything was to me on this record.”

The other songs closely follow this melody with the exception of “Dust Bowl Children” and “Bonita and Bill Butler” which have a quicker beat and are led by male vocalist, Dan Tyminski.

Overall the album is similar to Krauss’ past works, yet is still one that will be widely welcomed by Bluegrass Country fans. Her fiddle playing ability continues to shine through with this album, and resembles the twang of the Dixie Chicks, but in a more mature style. This mature style is most recognized in “My Love Follows You Where You Go,” as her soothing voice intertwine with the fiddle into an acoustically pleasant four minutes.

“Paper Airplane” was a top 20 song on Country Music Television the week before the album released, and both Krauss and Tyminski were special guests during that time. In the interview, Krauss explains that the album package was meant to be “stark,” and reflect a “depressed era”. This message is clearly received from the lyrics and makes a charming album.

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