In the five years since RHCP’s last major release, the band lost longtime guitarist John Frusciante, who left for a second time to pursue his solo career.  Following the end of the two year hiatus, the band officially announced former backup tour guitarist Josh Klinghoffer would be taking Frusciante’s place. I’m with You is Klinghoffer’s first album with the band, and it is a renaissance of the funk-rock hybrid RCHP created.

Frontman Anthony Keidis’ iconic and instantly recognizable rock-raps implode in the songs “Look Around”, “Even you Brutus?” and “Factory of Faith”. In songs like “Annie wants a Baby”, “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” and “Police Station”, his powerful voice brings a real sense of emotion to each track.

Prior to the recording of I’m with You, bassist Flea attended music theory classes at the University of Southern California, looking to expand his knowledge of music. Without Frusciante burning heated riffs into every track, Flea’s bass lines take a more active role in the album. The bass grooves in “Factory of Faith” and “Ethiopia” reinvent a contagious level of funk unheard since the groups’ Greatest Hits album.

Klinghoffer could never replace Frusciante, and luckily, he doesn’t try. Instead he brings an alternative edge and feel that meshes perfectly with the rest of the band. His layered and intricate riffs give the Chili Peppers a fresh sound and a new appeal to alternative listeners. That being said, the void of screaming guitar solos from Frusciante leaves the Chili Peppers feeling a little mild this time around.

This truly is a rebirth of RCHP’s early work, leaving behind the melancholy melodies of 2006’s Stadium Arcadium for fresh rhythms with a renewed vigor from all four Chili Peppers. Hardcore fans will not be disappointed with this return to their roots, as the result is an album that has something for everyone. Diehard Chili Pepper or just an alternative listener looking for some new tunes, your iTunes library will feel naked without this album.

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