The runner up in the tenth season of American Idol, Lauren Alaina released her first studio album Wildflower on Oct. 11.

The album is a combination of Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood inspired songs. The 16-year-old presents inspirational and meaningful lyrics,  emphasized by her powerful voice.

Songs like “Georgia Peaches” show Alaina’s southern roots and her pride in being from the South. It is an upbeat, catchy song that even the listener who does not appreciate country music will be up on his feet dancing.

Alaina’s interest in country music traced back to her parents who surrounded her with it and ultimately sparked her interest in music.

Although she sings country music, Alaina’s album ranges from inspirational and moving songs to upbeat, cheerful and rebellious songs. “Growing Her Wings” features Alaina’s voice at its finest while she sings about a girl coming of age stuck in a small town where her parents punish her for her curiosity in the unknown of the world.

She also has a hard rock edge that gives her an ounce of sassiness in her music. In “One of the Boys,” she talks about her appreciation for southern gentlemen. The guitar riffs and upbeat tempo compliment Alaina’s voice and give the song an original sound. The country singer is all about female empowerment as is evident in her song “I’m Not One of Them.”In this song, Alaina sings about men who treat women disrespectfully, to a banjo accompaniment.

This album is enjoyable for those who relish in country music. However, there are also a few songs that may attract those who dislike the genre. She has a pleasant persona in her music that radiates in the listener and keeps one wanting more.


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