Explicit music, unrated movies and pornography are accessible to people of all ages, through the Internet. Although some may deem those things as inappropriate, it is a personal decision to access it.

Aside from music, movies and porn, there are several positive aspects of having easy access to information on the Internet. This access provides a wealth of material at a student’s disposal.

When information is out and in the open, it makes it easier to discuss, research and make decisions. The Internet helps students with information on any topic.

Websites are beneficial for academic purposes. Rather than students having to rummage through a textbook to find an answer, students can use the Internet to find a quick and straightforward one. YouTube provides tutorials and how-to videos, which can be helpful. YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month.

Students’ longing for creativity in a computer class could search a YouTube tutorial on how to make a graph or chart. Students who want to become familiar with keyboard shortcuts can search for them.

Unfortunately students do not have the opportunity to search at public school, as certain key words are deemed inappropriate, making the website or article non-accessible.

Research projects are difficult to write when the information is not accessible. For example, if a student wanted to search for an individual who had previous a criminal background perhaps involving pornography, the websites would be blocked, making it difficult to find information on the person.

Although a teacher’s responsibility is not to babysit students, if teachers were monitoring their students, child blocks on computers would not be a necessity. Reality is that there are ways to get past blocks, but if sites were not blocked, students would not have to sneak around to research.

When students use Internet access to their advantage, it makes it easier to further their success financially and academically Students can check their banking accounts online which allows them to manage their money and learn responsibility. When a student needs money to buy lunch at school or a ticket for an event, he can check his bank account balance online and get money out of the bank on campus. This approach eliminates a parent leaving work to deliver the money.

Internet access has made it easier when it comes to academics by providing high school and college classes through online schooling. Students have the opportunity to get ahead and take extra classes online in addition to their core and elective classes during the school day. On the other hand, if students needs to pass a class to graduate he can take it online as well. Students and their parents can stay on top of their grades by accessing Progress Book.

Completing the tedious task of applying to college is easier online. Some colleges even use a Common Application, which allows students to apply to several colleges using the same application and recommendations.

Along with the application process, Internet access provides students with more information about specific requirements for individual colleges and universities. Plus College Board publishes scores online for standardized tests like SAT and ACT and how to prepare for the tests.

Besides contributing a wealth of information, Internet access provides students with social media websites. Social media websites provide students with an easy way to meet other students of similar interests. This medium also helps people in long distance relationships by making it easier to communicate and keep in touch.

Social media sites can be a way to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

Internet access helps students excel academically because of the information available on various topics and provides a way to connect with people.


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