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Lindsay Lohan, infamous for her constant partying, drug habits and jail time over the past few years, is attempting to turn her life around, which began with her hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live on March 3.

Lohan was hilarious to say the least, and was not afraid to make fun of herself on multiple occasions. In the opening monologue, other cast members would come to greet Lohan, followed by them checking to make sure she was not drugged out. This was a good way to combine humor and address Lohan’s issues in the media.

The best sketch of the night was The Disney Housewives, parody of The Real Housewives TV show. Lohan played a sassy version of Rapunzel. Among other Disney characters were Belle, Snow White, Jasmine and Cinderella. The sketch was hilarious and Lohan did a fantastic job playing the perfect sassy Disney princess. Lohan seemed completely normal throughout the whole skit, like she was before she got involved with so much drama.

Another popular sketch for Lohan was one in which she appeared as herself in a jail skit, where she and “Macintosh,” played by Kenan Thompson, terrorized three juvenile delinquents. Lohan continued to make the audience laugh as she made fun of herself. In the sketch, she referenced her classic movies The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, Herbie: Fully Loaded and Freaky Friday. She also referenced the diamond necklace she stole. Lohan’s ability to make fun of her struggles shows a sign of stepping in the right direction.

The only drawbacks to Lohan’s performance on SNL were the obvious moments where one could tell that she was reading her lines from a cue card in the distance. Although this provokes one to say “really Lindsay, really,” it does not indicate that the star has lost her touch. Performing live on a national event like SNL can be terrorizing and Lohan more than likely was just worked up by nerves.

All in all, Lohan did a fantastic job hosting SNL and she has decided to make a healthy life for herself. For someone who is infamous for not rehearsing and showing up late, this is a very positive step.One should look out for the future because Lindsay Lohan is only going up with her career.


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