Creating a movie that is just as much an experience as the movie’s content might seem difficult. That is, unless you are award winning producer and director Todd PhillipsThe Hangover.

Twenty five years ago, Project X was a movie based on flying monkeys that get blasted with radiation, that was not the case for the amped up 2012 version.

The movie is based off of Melbourne, Australia’s Cory Worthington. The then 16-year-old’s party of 500 teens summoned police helicopters and the dog squad, costing tax payers $20,000.

Project X captures the “what’s gonna happen next” factor, something everyone can appreciate. It is all about the unexpected. The scenes felt realistic and kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

To create the impression that the events of Project X had actually happened, the producers decided against casting known faces. Instead they wanted to find completely new actors. The actors auditioned through the site, which required all applicants to be over age 18.

Similar to Todd Phillips previous movie, The Hangover, Project X is about three guys having the time of their lives and having to suffer the consequences.

Filmed to look like it was shot with a home camcorder, the ‘cameraman’ Dax Flame follows three high school teenagers that want to be considered cool and make a name for themselves.

Thomas Kub (Thomas Mann) makes a life changing decision to throw a party while his parents are out of town. With help from his two best friends, Costa (Oliver Cooper) and J.B. (Jonathan Daniel Brown), he intends to throw a party only big enough to get noticed but it accidentally turns into an insane mayhem of destruction.

The trouble starts out when Thomas’ best friend Costa realized his high school goal: become popular. He sees the perfect opportunity when Thomas’ parents celebrate their anniversary for the weekend, leaving him the house for himself.

Costa made sure this party was not going to fail by telling everyone about it. He contacted radio stations, websites and sent out mass texts. It is Thomas’ birthday weekend and his parents said his maximum of people aloud over is five.

The acting in this movie is right on cue. Costa is the hilarious, loud friend while J.B. is the quiet jokester.

It is a simple storyline, but the way the events played out are what made it so phenomenally hilarious. Pure entertainment.

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