America is considered the melting pot of the world, open to accepting different ethnicities and traditions from everywhere

This country is a thriving place for opportunity, which is why foreigners seek a home here. Moving away from one’s home country is always a difficult transition. Moving to America is one of the hardest transitions, especially for someone who has spent the majority of his youth in another country.

Coming from someone who has experienced this transition, it is no cakewalk for those who seek “The American Dream.”

The presence of different cultures in America is one of the most fundamental aspects of this country. There is a sea of languages and traditions surrounding American people; the numerous traditions from all over the world should be embraced.

Learning values, such as spending more time with family from other countries is also important for people to do; it facilitates the ability for different people to connect. It allows people to relate to one another in different ways.

There is a multitude of people who speak a variety of languages, and consequently there are a vast number of people who are bilingual. Being bilingual is becoming one of the most essential skills to have in the U.S. because most job occupations now require this skill.

Readers should take a look at the Special section of Hi-Lights for a close feature on students who have moved to America from different countries. This section offers an in-depth look on the students’ traditions and cultures and how those traditions compare and contrast with American values.

However, the melting pot of America is also stirring controversy between conservative and liberal citizens. Illegal immigration is a daily hot topic in headlines, and many Americans condone those who move here to seek opportunity. One of the most controversial topics against illegal immigration is what is known as the DREAM Act.

Two writers face off about the DREAM Act on page 6. The debate focuses on whether illegal students who meet certain requirements should be allowed to seek affordable higher education in America.

Being diverse and open to different cultures is an important quality to obtain when living in the U.S., especially because one international migrant moves to America every 43 seconds; accepting the melting pot is necessary and beneficial for everyone to be able to relate.

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