The Build Your Own sandwich is a delectable option at Gnarly Barley.
GET CREATIVE. When ordering the BYO sandwich, one can choose how his lunch is assembled. photo/KINSEY SEACORD

If one is looking for a homey sandwich bar to watch a sports game or hang with friends, Gnarly Barley Bites and Brews is the place to go.
Located on 7431 S. Orange Ave., Gnarly Barley is the size of a small house. It’s cozy atmosphere makes the restaurant the ideal place for an intimate lunch. With only a few tables and a bar area inside, the outside porch is fitting for sunny day brunches.
Created by Boone graduates Joey Morris and Trace Pleicones, the bar has a woodland-like theme. The founders tore down an old barn and used it as interior decor. Across one of the walls is a mural of a barley field painted by Boone graduate Alex Ray, who also painted the campus’ Trading Post.
Because of the restaurant’s small size, service is quick and waiters are able to provide intimate discussion regarding the menu. Beverages and dishes are delivered within minutes so make sure one’s party is all there before ordering.
While appetizers are not listed on the menu, Gnarly Barley offers the Snack Attack (3.50): an explosion of blue cheese, red onions, tomato and meat over salted potato chips, topped with basil. The flavor is strongly influenced by the brisket meat, so if one does not have a taste for it, stick to ordering the hot Smashed Potato Salad ($1.50).
The sandwiches are boldly unique with imaginative ingredients so be sure to ask the waiter his opinion on the dish before ordering.
One specialty is the “38,” A Club Sub Like No Other ($8). This is a fresh sub roll loaded with ham, turkey, crisp bacon, provolone cheese, honey mustard and tiger sauce with crunchy lettuce and tomato on the side. The subs are perfectly sized and come with potato chips.
For vegetarians, the bar offers the Veggie Monster ($7). This is freshly baked white or wheat bread with crisp apples, red onions, diced tomato, cucumbers, arugula, cream and provolone cheese topped with thousand island dressing.
The bar emphasizes “you playing chef,” so create-your-own salads and sandwiches are a delectable option. When ordering the BYO Salad ($7), one has the choice of one meat, two toppings, one cheese, and a salad dressing. With the addition of homemade “Gnarly” blue cheese, the salads are a combination of crunchy flavors one is not able to resist.
If one is in the mood for a memorable dish, order the Johnnie Mac ‘N’ Cheese ($8). A toasted wheat sub roll is piled high with tenderly sliced roast beef, grilled onions, mayo and homemade mac ‘n’ cheese. Served with au’jus on the side, the meal is perfection.
The bar is the ideal place for a mellow lunch or dinner. Stop by the next time a sandwich craving hits.


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