Originally released in 1997, Titanic seemed like it could not get any better. Well, the newly mastered version of the film, released in 3D, has exceeded original levels of genius.

Since the film was made so long ago, the question of whether or not the picture quality would look good in high definition was definitely on viewer’s minds. However, the screen quality was well beyond anybody’s expectations; the film looked as though it was filmed in HD yesterday.

The sound quality of the film was even more astounding. At one point the sound effects of waves in the movie were so realistic, this movie-goer thought the person next to him was snoring. Even the newly mastered soundtrack of the film really added to the film’s somber and romantic mood.

The addition of 3D to the film only added to the majesty of it. Only important elements were added into 3D and focal points were left in 2D so that so many things popping out did not distract viewers.

Another great attribute was the nostalgia of watching the film on the big screen 100 years after the sinking of the real Titanic. It really helped fans of the film get a strong grip on the tragedy, and think about how things would have been different had an incident like that happened now.

James Cameron’s story of Titanic will live on for centuries and having been able to experience it on the big screen once more on its 100-year anniversary is an experience that only happens once in a lifetime.


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