There are over 6 billion people on the planet; out of that population, there is always one person who needs help. There is an average ratio of 7,000 homeless people per 2 million people in the world, according to

Giving to a charity can be a gratifying experience; knowing one’s money is going toward a cause, brings people joy. However, it is important to know where this money is going, donating to the right charity is a necessary part of the donation process.

There are a variety of local charities in the community that target certain causes. Hi-Lights covers these charities on page 14 and how the charities help the causes they raise money for. There are different ways a student can donate, whether it is through an event such as Relay for Life or by playing a online game that donates money to a charity. The Special section also focuses on students who work to organize or get involved in charities.

When a student donates to a charity it is imperative that one knows how the charity distributes the money. This information is available through the charity’s IRS 990 form, which can usually be found on the organization’s website. There are charities that seem to be official in appearance but only small percentages of the donations are given to the actual cause. The staff takes a stance on the importance of knowing how to donate on page 5.

As an actively informed student, one is able to find out about pressing issues in the United States and most importantly, in Florida. Endangered animals in Florida have been a pressing issue for years now. Florida has over 100 animal species who are endangered. The article on page 9 gives an in-depth look on the dangers these animals are facing.

Another significant issue constantly plaguing the press is the controversial topic of gay marriage. Gay marriage has appeared frequently in the press since 2001, when 10 countries began allowing same-sex civil unions. The United States has not been as open to accepting the concept of marriage between the same sex. Six states have been granted the right to do this, such as New York and Connecticut. On page 6, two writers take stances on the issue and what they believe should happen.

It is essential for students to be informed about the various issues that arise in an everyday setting. Donating time and money is one of those important issues and students should educate themselves before making a decision to donate.

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