As the beginning sounds of “Hallelujah” began, the candle lit stage beamed a beautiful atmosphere for viewers.

A strange twist to the singing competition show The Voice took place on Dec. 17, when the contestants and judges took a break from individual performances to sing a song together. The performance was a tribute to victims of the Newtown, Conn., massacre on Dec. 14.

No song could have been more appropriate than “Hallelujah”. Each judge had a small solo in the song while the contestants sang in the background. Country artist Blake Shelton started singing, followed by Maroon 5 member Adam Lambert, then the contestants joined in. Even though Cee Lo Green‘s style of music differs greatly from this somber melody, his solo was on point with the other three judges. The last to sing a solo was Christina Aguilera who led the others into unison.

Each contestant and judge participating in the performance held a sign with a name and age of a victim from the massacre. Holding the signs was an unbearable, yet necessary, component to link the human element of this tragedy. The signs added emotion to the performance.

The perfect combination of on key voices, candle lit atmosphere and the victims names made for a humanist aspect to a competitive singing show.

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