Similiar to the well-known Words With Friends app Ruzzle, by MAG Interactive, allows users to challenge friends to word play.

Ruzzle is multi-player game users can play with friends via Facebook, Twitter or a username. The point of the game, like many word games, is to connect letters to compose as many high scoring words within two minutes as one can find. With a new collection of letters every game forces the player to think quickly.

Letters, like in the board game Scrabble, are worth varying amounts and a select few letters have a double or triple-letter or other letters that can double or triple the number of points the word is worth.

A Ruzzle match, is between two people, and contains three games within a match. At the end of the match which ever player has the most total points from those three games is crowned the winner. Players have the option to message their opponent through the game, possibly to trash talk or simply ask how one is doing.

Ruzzle also has achievements one unlocks as one plays more. Achievements are things such as “ON FIRE” which to unlock one must win five matches in a row. These achievements do not give the user any points or coins or even give a boost, they simply just reveal when one has done something notable.

This app has a free and a $2.99 version. With the $2.99 version one doesn’t have advertisements after every game, which are present in the free version. Also a user can practice against the computer when he doesn’t have any opponents available.

With its unique qualities, Ruzzle is currently the sixth ranked free app available. Ruzzle provides challenging entertainment and tests one’s vocabulary and composure while one tries to get as many points as he can before that two minute timer sounds.

The 411

App Title: Ruzzle

Release date: 12/22/12

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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