Sophomore Mackenzie Mock scoring her first goal agents Colonial Feb. 19. Next game Feb. 21 agents East River at 6p.m. wadeveiw pool.
GOAL. Sophomore Mackenzie Mock scoring her first goal agents Colonial Feb. 19. photo/LIA VILLAR


Starting off the season, the girls water polo team beat the Colonial Grenadiers 22-0, increasing their status early in the season.

Scoring in the first 30 seconds, junior Eleanor Clark started the game on a high note. Coming out strong, along with Clark’s goal, sophomore Mackenzie Mock scored multiple goals in the first quarter along with senior Nicole Clayton who also added a few goals, ending the first quarter 12-0.

In the second and third quarter Mock added to the score with assists from Clark, bringing the score to a solid 18-0. Goalie Jenna Layton, junior, blocked Colonial’s attempts.

By forth quarter, the Lady Braves were trying more to control the ball and work on passing to score, only scoring four goals the last quarter. The Colonial goal keeper’s nose started to bleed, which led to Colonial having to put one of their field position players into goal to try and keep them afloat.

Main scorers were Mock and Clark with additional points by the only senior on this young team, Clayton. In goal, Layton blocked all attempts at goal.

The girls ended 22 -0, making it more of a practice on ball possession and confidence building after the loss to Lake Nona in their pre-season game at Winter Park.

Next game will be tonight, Feb. 21, at 6 p.m. home in the Wadeview Pool.

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