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DEAR MEGHAN: I’ve been best friends with this one girl for all my life. But ever since high school she has changed and we never hang out. I don’t know if I should tell her how I feel or not.

DEAR DISTRESSED:  It is quite common for people to grow apart in high school. It is something that students may have to face, if not in high school, at some point in life. The reason for the separation is that teens are finding who they are in high school. It is normal for people who have been friends forever to go their different ways. What I suggest you do is talk to her. You have been friends with her your whole life, so do not be afraid to confront her and tell her how you feel in a non-convicting way.  You can not pretend things are okay between you two when there are clearly issues to be addressed. Again, do not confront her in a way where boxing gloves will be needed. Simply tell her how you feel and let her know that it is your intention to keep the friendship alive.
DEAR MEGHAN: I’ve had pretty good grades in high school, but recently they haven’t been as good as usual. I’ve been studying really hard and doing all of my work but they’re not getting any better. My parents are starting to get mad. What do I do?
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DEAR WORRIED STUDENT: There can be a number of reasons as to why your grades are falling. You could be not getting enough sleep or not eating the proper breakfast. Perhaps your lifestyle is draining the strength needed to keep up with school. But there are solutions. First, you can go to your teacher and ask why you are getting the grades you are. Maybe all you need is a little extra help in that class. Your studying habits may not be useful for your proper learning. Perhaps watching television is not the most effect way to study. Consider hiring a tutor to help you study. When it comes to your parents, just let them know you are doing all you can to maintain your grades. They can not be upset when you are trying your very best. But if they are, give them some of your homework to remind them how hard school can be.

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