Set as a show-within-a-show, CW’s Cult has viewers engulfed.

Cult opens to an interview with cult leader Billy Grimm, who Roger Reeves (Robert Knepper, Shameless) plays. The next scene cuts to Kelly Collins, who Marti Gerritsen (Alona Tal, Supernatural) plays. While in search for her sister, Meadow, Kelly faces a deadly event. As the camera zooms out, this informs viewers, it is not reality, but the show.

The show then focuses on Jeffrey Sefton (Matthew Davis, The Vampire Diaries), a reporter who was fired from The Washington Post for fabricating a story, who has more than one problem on his plate. Jeff struggles with his younger brother, Nate, who previously had a drug addiction, and the loss of their parents. As Nate has in the past, he gravitates his obsession to Cult, which leads him to believe someone within the Cult is after him.

The scene switches to Skye Yarrow (Jessica Lucas, Cloverfield), a researcher for Cult, who began looking into fan websites about the obsession with the series. She finds a variety of fan sites ranging from the everyday fan to the overly obsessed one’s.

When Nate mysteriously disappears, Jeff and Skye encounter each other and team together to investigate his disappearance and try to uncover if the Cult may play a part.

As Skye researches role playing events that Nate may be attending, she locates one occurring nearby. Upon arrival, a deadly event happens that lead the police to investigate. Although, the police may prove to be untrustworthy.

Although a viewer may face confusion over the shows story-within-a-story plot, it still provides an eerie and suspenseful feeling of belonging to the cult. With it’s loyal band of followers, Cult is sure to be a hit.

The 411
Show Title: Cult
Release date:
Tuesdays, 9 p.m. on CW
4 out of 5 stars

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