mzl.fppfbvdz.320x480-75By CIARA MCCOY

Path is the world’s newest app for social media.

Path is designed to bring one closer to friends and family. It is a mix of Twitter and Instagram where one can filter photos and post updates about one’s life. Instant messaging is also available while browsing on Path. One can also connect with other social media sites such as, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare and Nike+ to find friends and post pictures. While Path can not only post status updates, but what one might be listening to at the time, or how one is feeling at that time in their life.

While Twitter and Facebook stick to a mostly blue color scheme, Path displays a new look by using red, providing a refreshing change to the reoccurring color blue.

Path is free, but has received generally negative reviews due to glitches. After Path released it’s third version, it seems to have most of the bugs fixed. Path is also targeting all ages.

Path is providing a new way too social media and in time, will work out the glitches they need to to reach maximum popularity.


The 411
App: Path
Release date: 5/3/13
Rating: 3 out 5 stars

By Ciara McCoy

Design editor. Saint Leo University c/o 2019 softball signee

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