Uplifting and filled with good vibes, Basic Vacation self titled indie-pop EP is an pleasant surprise for a everyday mainstream listener.

Only together since 2012, Basic Vacation’s EP is filled with five well-strung together songs that balance out different emotions in each one. Starting on a cheerful note with their most popular song “I Believe,” Basic Vacation knows how to get a song set on replay. The fast pace parallels with the lyrics of a teenager’s thoughts of love as an exciting, crazy, difficult and unplanned journey.

The music video for “I Believe” is a great story following the lyrics showing two people who want to be together, but a force is tearing them apart. The video uses unique effects like floating and slow motion to show the force field.

Slowing ones heart down the second song “Jamie” a calmer songs with a slower pace letting one catch up on the reality of life without completely taking the love out. Creating vibratos with his voice vocalist Chris Greatti creates a unique sound to a slower song yet still keeping it upbeat.

Showing they have faith in becoming something “It’s All Happening” their third song on the EP, is inspiring showing one can end up doing anything in life if he has faith and work hard, even if someone says otherwise.

The last two songs “You’re in my head” and “Worlds collide” seem to mesh into each other, on a first listen you wouldn’t notice the change in song because the transition is so smooth. This transition of two skin tingling songs is a solid way to end their first EP.

Overall this EP is outstanding, the lyrics are ridiculously relatable to a teenage and young adult audience with beats that stick in one’s head all week. This EP is one to keep on repeat and continue getting goose bumps listening too.

The 411

Album Title: Basic Vacation

Release date: 10/15/2013

Cost: $4.05

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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