CANNED CRAZE. As a part of her SGA duties, sophomore Sophia Brown delivers canned goods.
CANNED CRAZE. As a part of her SGA duties, sophomore Sophia Brown collects canned goods. photo/Isaiah Rutledge

Throughout the past two weeks, students and faculty members collected cans for the annual canned food drive.

Every year, SGA sponsors a canned food drive to collect food and donate them to families in need of food during the holiday season. Last year, SGA raised 2,500 pounds of canned goods, and this year they surpassed their goal of 3,000.

“I just wish we could get [out to the students] an idea of what an impact we had on one of the families,” Junior Class senator Isaiah Rutledge said. “Then, we could have a full grasp on how important our task is.”

Rutledge enjoys participating in such a noble cause. However, he wishes the ramifications of the donations were more well-known.

While the satisfaction of helping families in the community is motivating enough to donate canned goods, SGA also provides rewards for the clubs and/or classes that donate the most amount of cans. First place receives $100, second $75, third $50, and fourth $25.

The Senior Class won first place, donating 1,285 pounds of canned goods; second, Bravettes with 460 pounds; third, NHS with 404 pounds; and fourth, Spanish Club with 390 pounds.

“I think we did a great job as a school,” SGA sponsor Jennifer Hines said. “I was really happy with the involvement of the clubs.”

On Friday, Dec. 12, SGA packed a grand total of 3,271 pounds onto a bus and donated them to WESH-2 Share Your Christmas, who gives it to The Second Harvest Food Bank.  Second Harvest provides to financially-struggling families.

For each four pounds raised, one family of four is provided a meal. Therefore, 817 families will have a meal thanks to all of the donations made.  SGA also partnered with City Kia, which donated $1 for every pound the clubs donated; so an additional 7,359 families will have meals.

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