GIRLS FIRST. The girls tennis team line up before competing with their Olympia High School competitors.

On Thursday, March 5, the girls and boys tennis teams took on their Olympia High School.  They knew this would be a tough match, as the Titans are consistently a strong team.  The Titan girls were 9-1 and the boys were 11-0 coming into the match up.

The Lady Braves (7-1) didn’t begin as strong as they had hoped they would.   Line 1 senior Mary Grace Burkett lost, 0-8, line 2 freshman Gracyn Lindborg lost, 0-8, and line 3 senior Meghan Cotton lost, 3-8.

Junior Ashlyn Gage, line 4, and Camden Parrish, line 5, were the only home wins of the night with Gage scoring 8-5 and Parrish 8-6.

The girls doubles matches didn’t fare much better.  Pairs Burkett and Lindborg lost, 1-8, and Cotton and Gage lost, 0-8.

The boys (8-1) entered the match positive, but were also unlucky against the rival.  All five lines lost to the Titans: Line 1 junior Shaun Mealey, 4-8; line 2 sophomore Nicholas Alfert, 5-8; line 3 sophomore Parker Mealey, 4-8; line 4 junior Nathan Fontaine, 1-8; and line 5 senior Samuel Schiffer, 3-8.

They had to postpone the boys doubles matches due to darkness.  This will be announced.

The next home match is March 9, against University High School, at 3:15 p.m.  The Cougar boys are 0-9 and the girls are 1-8.

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