BRING THE HEAT. Sophomore Karla Plogstedt pitches the ball to a Freedom Patriot. photo/Karen Shumsky
BRING THE HEAT. Sophomore Karla Plogstedt pitches the ball to a Freedom Patriot. photo/Karen Shumsky

On Friday, March 13, the softball team was on fire.  The Freedom Patriots were not match for the Lady Braves.

The game started with science teacher Emily Smith throwing the first pitch.

As a Freedom Patriot hit a pop fly, junior Meghan Sexton caught it at short stop for the first out of the game.  As the team came to the bottom of the first inning, freshman Rachael Carroll was the first to get on base.  Next, freshman Lara Dusing hit a base hit and advanced to first, and Carroll moved to second.

Carroll and Dusing both stole bases, with Carroll on third and Dusing on second.  Meghan Sexton hit a ground rule double which hit the ground, then the fence and bounced out of the field which resulted in Carroll and Dusing scoring, making the score 2-1.

The Lady Braves took the field as the second inning started.  Sophomore Karla Plogstedt struck out a Patriot and Kelsi Smith caught a bunt to third base.   Plogstedt struck out another hitter for the third out.

At the bottom of the second, junior Meghan Mansfield was at bat and advanced to first base with a walk.  Senior Ashley Vega was next to advance to first, and Mansfield moved to second. Up to bat next was Senior Sara Galvis, who hit a base hit moving Vega to second and Mansfield to third.

Senior Ciara McCoy hit an RBI and got tagged out, but Mansfield scored as Vega advanced to third and Galvis to second, which made the score 3-1.

At bat next was Carroll, who walked to first. As the Patriot pitcher threw a wild pitch, Vega scored as Galvis advanced to third and Carroll to second, which made the score 4-1. Then Dusing advanced to first and sophomore Kelsi Smith hit a double, which allowed Galvis, Carroll and Dusing to score, making the score 7-1.

Smith stole third base as senior Kayleigh Shumsky was up to bat.  Shumsky hit a base hit and Smith scored, which made the score 8-1.

Coach Robin Bradford substituted Shumsky with pinch runner freshman Savanna Edwards.

A hard hit from Mansfield to second base hit the second basemen in the face, but Mansfield advanced to first.  Mansfield stole second and third base, and Edwards scored as Vega was up to bat, which made the score 9-1.

Vega advanced to first. During the next at bat, Mansfield scored and Vega advanced to third, which made the score 10-1. As Galvis hit a pop fly and advanced to second, Vega scored, 11-1.

When McCoy was up to bat, Galvis stole third base.  McCoy advanced to first and Galvis scored, which made the score 12-1. McCoy stole second base during Carroll’s at bat.  Carroll hit a double, leading McCoy home, making the score 13-1.

Carroll stole third base and waited as Sexton was at bat.  Sexton hit a hard ball to third base and hit Carroll in the hand.  Two more times, Carroll jumped out of the way as Sexton hit just past the foul line and directly at Carroll.

Sexton’s successful hit was a single to left field and Carroll scored, which made the score 14-1. Smith hit to third base and advanced to first as Sexton advanced to second.  Sexton was next to score as Smith advanced to third, which made the score 15-1.

Dusing hit an RBI which let Smith score, resulting in a 16-1 lead.

The team took the field for the beginning of the third inning. Dusing fielded a ground ball and threw it to Mansfield at first who gained an out.  On the mound Plogstedt struck out a Patriot. Galvin caught the last out of the game, a pop fly to the outfield.

The game ended early due to a run rule, of 15 runs by the third inning with a final score 16-1.

The Lady Braves are 14-1 for the season.  Their next game is Monday, March 16 at Lake Minneola.

By Morning Baker

I am a junior and used to do gymnastics and dive.

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