Kiss Me Quick” is Nathan Sykes’ solo debut single after his previous band, The Wanted, broke up in 2014. It was released in the U.K. on July 5.

The loungey and jazzy tune from this new solo artist is definitely influenced by the sounds and instrumentals of Justin Timberlake’s album 20/20. It almost seems like exactly of one the songs Timberlake would include on his album.

Although Timberlake and his music are very successful, Sykes’ voice and music are too similar to his to be distinguishable. However, Skyes’ new music is very different compared to when he was a member of The Wanted, who had a big pop influence. Skyes’ new sound has a much larger R&B influence and is much snazzier.

“Kiss me Quick” rose to #1 on the US Dance chart a month after it’s release and stayed there for two weeks, but fell short due to it’s similarity to other artists and lack of promotion. It debuted at #16 and ultimately peaked at #15 on the UK charts as well, but also fell a short 2 weeks later for the same reasons. A quick fall, compared to one of The Wanted’s song “Glad You Came” which charted #3 on Billboard’s top 100 in early 2012 for 4 weeks and covered on the hit show, Glee.

Sykes has everything it takes to become a star; a smooth voice, a great sound and attractive form; but it seems that he has too much influence of other musical artists and that makes him a bit bland and just a duplicate of more famous successors.

Kiss me Quick” is a very catchy song with a great beat and popular jazz influences incorporated within it. The popular jazz influences could have made the song better, but it seems the whole song revolved around using those sounds and not the actual lyrics or message of the song. This made it seem like this song was just made to become popular, not to have really any special meaning or influence.

This song could have been a chart-topper if someone more famous had sang it, like Timberlake or Bruno Mars. It has all the key elements for success except an interesting new singer, someone with a new edge, or pre-existing fame. Without this, it makes the entire song a bit boring.

Sykes’ attempt to reinvent his sound from his previous band, The Wanted, just turned out to made his music identical to all the music out now, and forced him to fall behind on the charts.

The Hilights

Song Title: “Kiss Me Quick”

Release date: 5/4/2015

Cost: $0.99

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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