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On their first tour, the women of Girls Night In came to Orlando’s Plaza Live on Oct. 18.

The show, presented by Fullscreen Live, started with a musical performance by Andie Case, who has an EP coming out in January. Case is a YouTube singer performing mostly covers, but she did start her performance with a few originals, such as “The Bed I’ve Made” and then transitioned into performing covers of “Want to Want Me” by Jason Derulo and “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift.

The YouTube stars of Girls Night In then arrived, consisting of Meredith Foster, Sierra Furtado, Eva Gutowski (MyLifeAsEva), AlishaMarie, who was not present due to strep throat and Mia Stammer (MamaMiaMakeup). The women have 13 million subscribers on YouTube combined.

The performance began with a prerecorded intro where each YouTuber stated how they got started into making videos, and the trials that came along with posting videos, especially the bullying that occurred in school.

The performance then cut back to reality and followed a storyline. During a sleepover, when Eva uses the bathroom, she meets the Queen Of YouTube who states that the fate of YouTube will be doomed unless the girls can make four positive videos before the end of the night.

The women thus rushed and created four “videos” including a lip sync collaboration with two fans, smoothie challenge, in which a fan picked ingredients from a jar naming both tasty and not tasty items to be put into a smoothie, blended and consumed. The women also completed a truth or dare and the whisper challenge, where one person has headphones in with the music turned up quite loud and the other person says a statement. Their partner has to guess what the statement is, by reading the other’s lips.

The women also had a Q and A, showed a prerecorded spoof on reality television and performed karaoke.

At the “end of the night” when the women went to see the Queen of YouTube, she stated that YouTube would not be saved. The women stated that by making YouTube videos, they can inspire young girls around the world. The most important thing that the girls did was be themselves and have fun, which persuaded the Queen of Youtube to save YouTube.

The women then brought out Andie Case and they all went off stage and in front of the barracks to interact with fans and take selfies. Throughout the show, the women would come off stage and interact with the fans. The fans really meant a lot to these women and they tried their best to take a picture on every phone handed to them.

Eva explained that the purpose of the show was for young girls to leave being inspired. The women of Girls Night In all stressed the importance of body positivity, confidence and doing what makes one happy. They lastly stated that loving yourself is “the most important thing one can do.”

Though the crowd mainly consisted of girls aged 10-14, and I was the oldest one there, the women of Girls Night In were inspiring in the fact that they know the problems that girls in this age group face today. They reassure young girls that it is okay to be different as long as you are being yourself. They aimed to be positive in a society where there is so much negativity, which truly was inspiring.

Cost: starting from $25

Rating: 4 stars


By Karina Quinones

Reference Editor of the Boone High School Legend Yearbook. Junior. Dog enthusiast.

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