CIRCLE UP: Boone tennis plans for next weeks game after their victory over East River
CIRCLE UP. Boone tennis plans for next week’s game after their victory over East River. photo/Carston Carasella

On Thursday, Feb. 25 the boy’s (6-1) and girl’s (5-2) tennis took on East River at home.  Despite severe winds both teams were able to play the match at a progressive pace.

The Braves started strong as line two player Gracyn Lindborg won her set 6-0 and Shaun Mealey on line one took his set with a blowout score of 8-0.

The girls continued to succeed as line one player Ashlyn Gage won her set 8-0, line three Grace McCarey won, 8-1, and line four player Kiara Rodriguez won, 8-1.  Nicholas Alfert at line three lost his set at 6-8, but Matthew Workman on line four brought it back with a win, 8-2.  Both line five players had success as Amy Brimingham and Hueston Duff won, 8-1.

Doubles provided a fruitful batch of sets as the Mealey brothers knocked out the competition with an 8-1 win.  Gage and Lindborg also won with an 8-0 blowout.  Rodriguez and McCarey stole a win at 8-3 and Alfert and Workman won with 8-2.

Both boy’s and girl’s destroyed East River with a 6-1 match win.

Both teams aim for another successful match as they take on Olympia on Feb. 29 on the Reservation.

By Carston Carasella

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