SWING. Senior Meghan Sexton prepares to make contact with the ball. photo/Tyler Rispoli

On Tuesday night, March 8, the softball team took on the Timber Creek Wolves at home.

In the top of the first inning, freshman Avery Clark threw the first out to Elizabeth Wills at first base. Then, sophomore Rachael Carroll caught a pop fly in left field, getting another out. The Lady Braves fought hard at the plate but they did not have any hits in the bottom of the first inning. The score was 0-0.

Junior Rachel Lopez got the first out of the third inning when Timber Creek tried to steal to second base. Timber Creek drove the ball to the outfield, bringing in two runners. The score advanced to 0-2.

In the bottom of the third inning, sophomore Lara Dusing hit a line drive to left field, bringing her to second base. The Braves did not manage to make another hit in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Junior Kelsi Smith hit a single past the shortstop at the bottom of the fifth inning but did not make it to home base.

Timber Creek did not make any runs in the top of the fifth inning, leaving the score 0-2.

Lopez made the first out of the sixth inning at first base. Junior Karla Plogstedt stepped up to pitch and made the second out at home base with the bases loaded. Plogstedt struck out the batter, bringing the Lady Braves up to bat.

In the bottom of the seventh, junior Adriana Garip hit a double. Lopez hit an RBI double, bringing Garip to home base. When advancing to third base, Lopez was thrown out by Timber Creek. The game ended in a tough battle at bat. The Braves fell to Timber Creek 1-2.

The Lady Braves are (10-2) for the season. On Friday, March 11, the team has an away game against Dr. Phillips (7-5) at 7 p.m.



By Blair Colson

I am on the yearbook staff at Boone High School. I love my cat Ally and eating Chick Fil A.

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