MORE PLEASE. The Steak Stack tastes as goos as it looks. photo/ Renn Oberdick
MORE PLEASE. The Steak Stack ($8.29) contains steak, two cheeses, three vegetables and a rosemary oil for a perfect blending of flavors. photo/ Renn Oberdick

With fast food restaurants at every corner, one might want a healthier option than burgers and fried food. Zoes Kitchen offers a good alternative. Made from fresh products, the menu selection offers gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options.

As soon as one enters, the restaurant’s vibrant colored interior evokes a happy vibe that the friendly staff helps exude. Zoës provides traditional Mediterranean meals like the Chicken Roll-up, Rosemary Ham and Mozzarella Piadina and Steak Stack. 

To support local schools, Zoës walls display children’s art that is available to purchase, $20. Proceeds go to participating schools. 

The menu ranges from starters to desserts. The Chicken Roll-Ups ($8.09) consists of tortillas, lightly seasoned grilled chicken, feta cheese, tomato, dipping salsa and a fresh side of one’s choice. Another favorite, the Steak Stack ($8.29), a sandwich on sourdough with sliced steak, portobello mushrooms, mozzarella, caramelized onions, feta spread, chopped tomato and rosemary oil. Although the meal is a little on the messy side, the sourdough soaks up the steak’s juices and dipping sauce making the mess worth it. The Rosemary Ham and Mozzarella Piadina ($8.39) is a flavorful sandwich with mouth watering grilled ham, fresh mozzarella, mixed vegetables such as spinach leafs, lemon vinaigrette and calabrian pepper aioli that adds a nice kick on Italian flatbread. 

Side choices include potato salad (vegan and gluten free), pasta salad (vegetarian), rice pilaf (vegan and gluten free) and a side Greek salad (vegetarian and gluten free). The fresh seasonings and dressing complement each meal. For those who dine-in Zoës provides bottles of its Greek dressing on tables for patrons to enjoy.

For dessert, enormous chocolate chip and zesty lemon house baked cookies (both $2.39) melt in one’s mouth. The chocolate chip have huge chunks of milk chocolate in every bite. The zesty lemon balances sour and sweet with a tangy lemon middle and crystallized sugar sprinkles on top. Also Yaya’s hand-made chocolate cake comes in individual slices ($2.59) or a whole ($21.99).

One area of improvement Zoës might consider fixing relates to the find delivery process. After ordering patrons choose a table and wait for someone to bring the food. While it is a nice service to provide, it also proves inconvenient because they do not bring silverware. Patrons must then walk to the back corner of the restaurant to get forks, knives, napkins and condiments. Other than the minor complication of the utilities location, the tasteful, mouth-watering food, friendly service and vibrate colors make Zoës a good option for a healthy meal. 

No matter the time or place, Zoës Kitchen provides quick service with an app to order online for delivery, catering and pick-up. Other than convenience, the app provides tabs of “daily inspiration” includes tips or tricks, and “flavor your life” brings more to the app than just food.


The Hilights

Who: Zoës Kitchen

To Try: Rosemary Ham and Mozzarella Piadina ($8.39)

Where: 236 E. Michigan St. Suite B105, Orlando, FL 32806

Cost: $2.39-$11.89

Rating: 4 out of 5

By Tiffani Rasberry

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  1. This is my favorite story, I was waiting for a resturant review on boone pubs and I feel like this enticed me to go eat at Zoe’s kitchen.

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