SILENCE IS KEY. Sophomores Johan Quevedo and XXXX perform a pantomime. photo/ Bridget Hartig
SILENCE IS KEY. Sophomores Megan Long and Johan Quevedo perform a pantomime. photo/Bridget Hartig

The interactive show, Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, begins today, Nov. 30.

The show includes 45 different neo-futuristic plays, which are 21st century idealistic movements dedicated to enlighten audiences. A clothesline runs across the back of the stage with numbers one to 45 attached to it. A narrator picks a number, representing a play, and the actors perform it. The order of the plays and which plays are performed changes each performance. Each play varies from 30 seconds to eight minutes, depending on its contents. Play styles range from pantomime to Shakespearean acts. A multitude of the plays require audience participation.

“This show is so interactive. The audience is the one that chooses which order the show is in, which makes it extremely fun for [the actors,]” sophomore Julia Tamborello said. “It adds a lot of improv to the show. We always have be on our feet and ready to do different plays. We are trying to get the audience as involved as possible.”

Students run the entire show with little teacher help. Director Clark Levi, senior, assistant director Joshua Gibson, junior, and stage managers Alexander Hill, senior, and Julia Hammond, junior, developed the entire show. Tech teacher, Andrew Castle, helps advise on technical matters. The show’s actors are mostly underclassmen in the drama department, in opposition to regular productions that include upperclassmen.

“Our directors are amazing, so the show doesn’t run any differently [than a regular show.] They are able to work with the cast better,” sophomore Shayla Osborn said. “For me [Too much Light] is a chance for the underclassmen to prove themselves.”

Too Much Light performs Dec. 1, 2, 7 and 10 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Tickets are $10.

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