LISTEN HERE. Junior Alexia Correa lists the inductees of Tri-M Music Honor Society.
LISTEN HERE. Junior Alexia Correa lists the inductees of Tri-M Music Honor Society. photo/ Renn Oberdick

On Monday, Dec. 5, Tri- M Music Honor Society inducts 30 new members, doubling their original size.

Tri-M Music Honor Society aims to bring awareness of music in schools and to show its importance.  Members support their fellow members through attending their concerts and performances as a group.

“As an honor society we are able to grow more of an appreciation for music and share our love and passion of it with others,” president Morgan Meese, senior, said. “It teaches us leadership and helps us prepare for performances because nobody has a problem with you asking them to listen to you play for feedback. You really have your own little musical community.”

To be accepted into Tri- M Music Honor Society, one must currently be enrolled in a music class, and completed one high school music class, a year prior to applying. Potential members must maintain a 3.0 GPA in their music classes and an overall 2.5 GPA. Members must participate in at least two service projects and join together to perform in front of their fellow members at the chapter meetings.

“Music classes are a huge part of my in school and after school life at Boone, and I wanted to be a part of a group that helps give back and encourages others to take advantage of the great programs Boone has to offer,” inductee Bridget Doherty, sophomore, said. “Honor societies look pretty good on college applications, so I’m hoping that will give me a little advantage with that. I’m also excited to work with other people to promote music education.”

Inductees include:

Jazmin Adlam

Romey Benitez

Zana Berisha

Faith Best

Jennifer Campbell

Janirah Centeno

Aitza Comulada

Aisha Cuesto

Irainelys Delgado

Zachary Dobbins

Bridget Doherty

Deborah Fenske

Melanie Gaboy

Rose Helsinger

Francesca Henriquez

Annaliese Hines

Destini Johnson

Aidan Keating

Chasity Maynard

Daniel Mentzer

Lydia Mentzer

Carly Meyer

Jessica Moon

Kevin Moore

Nicholas Orpeza

Nicca Provenzano

Johan Quevedo

Jose Rodriquez

Jessica Rojas

Suzan Toma Halabi

Samuel Valdes

Brenna Yokiel

By Bridget Hartig

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