LOAD IT UP. Freshman Sean McCabe transports the food back to Mrs. Hines room. photo/Emily Fussell
LOAD IT UP. Freshman Sean McCabe transports the food back to Mrs. Hines room. photo/Emily Fussell


To help out less fortunate families, the Student Government Association’s annual canned food drive will benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank.

This event is so important. For those of us fortunate enough to have a stocked pantry at home, we can take for granted the can of soup on the back of the shelf that could be someone else’s meal,” senior Kaitlyn Cullen, student body president, said. “Without projects like these, so many hungry men, women and children in Central Florida area would be spending the holidays with empty stomachs. It’s crucial that when able, we give back to the less fortunate around us especially during this time of year.”

SGA collects the donated cans in fifth period. To donate, students can give canned goods to a club sponsor or directly to SGA in Room 560. The last day to donate is Thursday, Dec. 8. SGA set a school wide goal of 5,000 pounds of canned food total. While the number of pounds collected is currently unknown, cans are weighed in Denise Scott’s room everyday.

On Friday, Dec. 9, SGA will deliver the cans to the WESH 2 news studio, and the collection will air on the news between 12 to 12:30 p.m.

“I’m in awe every year at the amount of food that is actually there. It’s such an honor that Boone is able to say that we participate every year. Something about seeing every volunteer there and every food item being displayed to the media makes you proud to live in such a giving community,” Cullen said.

Overall, the canned food drive benefits the local community and provides a feel-good opportunity during the holiday season.

“I think during the holiday season, it is easy to get caught up in the gift-buying process, that it is good to remember to appreciate charity and the smaller things in life,” SGA sponsor Jennifer Hines said.

By Jack Rummler

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