Managing her health, school work, swimming, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Baking Braves, Math Club, Always Wear Your Seatbelt Club, the Finance Magnet, Central Florida Credit Union and student government, Grace Easterling kept a 4.0 unweighted grade point average.

“I think I’m just a very intrinsically motivated person. I like to always give my best effort,” Easterling said. “Keeping a 4.0 grade point average is important to me because it serves as motivation during moments when I feel like I don’t want to work my hardest.”

Diagnosed as chronically ill since the beginning of freshman year, taught Easterling that health comes before anything. Easterling was on top of her classwork, sports and at home activities by keeping in contact with her teachers and she made sure to study.

“It takes a determined attitude to do you very best in any situation and on any assignment,” Easterling said.

Her finance classes proved most difficult for Easterling. She reviewed her notes every night to make sure she stayed on top of the class.

“I think my biggest accomplishment during high school was fully accepting that my identity is in God alone, not in school, swimming or anything else,” Easterling said.

Aside from school, Easterling exercised, tried to develop healthy recipes and goes on adventures with friends.

Easterling will attend Pepperdine University in the fall and major in business administration and minor in marketing.

“I want to major in business administration so that I can go on to lead or build a business that will provide products that nourish the body and nervous system as well as cultivate wellness,” Easterling said. “I am also feeling called to minor in marketing so that I can use my creative talents to persuade the market and to update their potential for disease and fuel their drive for a meaningful life”


By Douglas Page

I am first year legend yearbook staffer. I'm a sophomore on the varsity volleyball team.

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