Juggling school and club soccer, yearbook and other extracurriculars, senior Olivia Page managed to balance her activities and academics to maintain a perfect GPA to become a valedictorian. 

“It takes a serious dedication to your academics and a desire to keep straight A’s to be a valedictorian. Everyone would rather do something fun than schoolwork, but if you want to be a valedictorian you have to give these things up occasionally,” Page said.

Although Page’s parents never pushed her to keep her grades up, she was self motivated to make straight A’s.

“[I tell others and myself] to make sure you keep the end goal in mind. Right now it might suck, but in the end it is almost always worth it,” Page said.

Page’s favorite achievement in high school was her three years on the Legend yearbook staff. She started as a sophomore staffer and then served two years as the Student Life editor. Page earned individual awards from Quill & Scroll International Honor Society, Florida Scholastic Press Association and Columbia Scholastic Press Association. In March, Page travelled to New York City with fellow staffers to accept a CSPA Gold Crown award for their work on the 2016 “You Just Don’t Know Us” book. The staff also earned an NSPA  Pacemaker for that book, as well as a Best of Show for 324+ page yearbook.

“Yearbook is a very stressful, yet rewarding class/club. The book, as well as I, have received many awards for the outstanding work we do,” Page said.

Page’s fondest high school memories come from her time spent in yearbook.

“There are so many good memories in that class I cannot pick one. Whether it be a workday, after school, or during a class period we always manage to have a great time,” Page said.

Page will attend the University of Florida majoring in Marketing and Public relations.

“Because of my interest in yearbook during high school really influenced my desire to stay in a similar industry,” Page said.


By Peyton Guillot

I am a junior on Ads staff. I enjoy chick-fil-a on the daily, netflix, school and dancing.

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