GET READY. In preparation for the game,
GET READY. In preparation for the game against Lake Highland, junior Michael West and his teammates warm up.

On Wednesday, Sep. 21, the boys’ bowling team faced the Lake Highland Highlanders at Colonial Lanes.

Junior Jacob Hopper started the game by bowling a 182 and scoring five strikes, followed by junior Nolan Castor with a 179 and four strikes.

Also competing in the first match, senior Alex Betros bowled a 148, freshman Jacob King with a 135 and senior Jacob McCary with a 171. After the first match, the boys were 130 pins ahead of their opponent.

In the second game, Hopper led with 204, Castor with 178 and Betros with a 155. King bowled a 189 and McCarey a 176, putting the boys 405 pins in the lead with a total of 1,717 pins.

Next, the boys competed in a Baker match where they bowled a total of 169 while Lake Highland bowled 170. This brought their overall pins to 1886-1482.

Despite the loss, the boys remained 521 pins in the lead.

In the second Baker match, they defeated their opponent 227-146 with seven strikes.

The boys ended the 3rd and final Baker match 153-114, making the overall score 2266-1745.

The next match is on Tuesday, Sep. 26, at the Winter Garden Bowl against Olympia.

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