MAKE A SWISH. Senior Brittney Smith shoots a free throw basket. photo/Caroline Casola

In a neck and neck district home game against the Timber Creek Lions on Thursday, the Lady Braves basketball team lost, 47-49, in the final seconds of the game.

Senior Brittney Smith began the game with a rebound and made the team’s first basket of the night, 2-7. Shortly after, sophomore Madeline Morales contributed to the score with a three-pointer, 5-9. Throughout the first quarter, the Lady Braves score trailed behind the Panthers but kept a consistent defense and ended the quarter, 7-11.

In the second quarter, sophomore Aubrey Phillips scored a two-point basket, 9-11. A few minutes into the quarter, junior Alexandria Lemmon brought the team’s score to 11-17 with a successful shot. She scored again in the middle of the quarter, 18-23. The Lady Braves focused on both offense and defense, making several assists, as well as rebounds. Sophomore Alexis Cosgrave blocked the Lions shot and made a three-point basket, with a 21-27 score. The quarter ended 24-32.

The Lady Braves highlighted their offensive skills in the third quarter. Junior Julianna Fowler received the ball from Smith from across the court and scored 28-34. The Lions made numerous fouls on the Lady Braves during the quarter. Smith made a free throw basket, bringing the score to 31-38. Seconds later, Morales made two free throw baskets, 33-38. The Lady Braves maintained stamina, ending the quarter 35-42.

During the fourth quarter, the Lady Braves score consistently crept up to the Lions. Phillips made a basket two minutes into the quarter, 39-42 and Smith followed, making the score 41-45. Then, Phillips shot a free throw, 43-44. Toward the end of the quarter, Lemmon tied the score with a basket, 47-47. Tensions rose with less than a minute left in the game. With four seconds left in the game, the Lions made a two-point basket, ending the quarter, 47-49.

The Lady Braves have no games this weekend and will play the Osceola Kowboys at Osceola High School on Monday.

By Caroline Casola

This is my second year on staff. I am a Dachshund connoisseur and love rewatching episodes of Arrested Development. You can catch me at the springs or at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

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