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After originally extending spring break to March 30 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, OCPS pushed back school another two weeks and intends to reconvene April 15.

In the meantime, the county plans for students to begin “distance learning” on Monday. Students should check Canvas for individual class announcements regarding distance learning requirements and expectations, as teachers include different weekly requirements and types of assignments.

Teachers have the option to give students live lessons or self-paced coursework. OCPS recommends that teachers grade two online assignments per week, though some plan to assign more than two. Assignments may include Albert io questions, Quizlet vocabulary sets, Edpuzzle videos, MathXL questions and any other OCPS-approved platforms teachers choose to utilize.

OCPS also recommends teachers designate three hours every day as “office hours,” when students can ask questions and receive feedback. Students should check Canvas course announcements to find teachers’ individual office hours.

In addition to school closing, Gov. Ron DeSantis cancelled state testing for PreK-12 students. College board also recently cancelled all in person AP exams. Students now have the option to take 45-minute free-response exams on any device to receive credit for AP classes. To assist students, every day College Board releases livestream lectures covering every AP course.

Parents and students can stay updated on distance learning by checking Canvas and Skyward.

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