Dunkin Donuts is the second-largest coffee chain in America with 12,871 stores across America. Looking to expand their milk alternatives from regular cow milk, Dunkin’ added oat milk to their menu. They started serving at a few locations in California in January 2020 and are now releasing oat milk all across the country.

Oat milk is an alternative for people who are lactose intolerant and for people with a nut allergy. It includes more protein than any other alternative to cow milk with 4g compared to almond milk which only has 1g. Oat milk also includes the most fiber compared to any other milk with 2g while almond milk only has 1g and cow milk has none.

Oat milk is also one of the best types of milk for the environment (alongside soy milk) as it uses the least amount of water to produce.  A liter of oat milk only uses 48 liters of water to produce while a liter of cow milk takes 1020 liters of water. Oat milk also produces barley any emission while cow milk produces a great amount of emissions.

Oat milk can be substituted in any beverage from lattes, macchiatos, frappuccinos and even regular cups of coffee.

The oat milk iced latte was tasty but bitter. If looking to lower the calories in a latte, oat milk would definitely help. If one prefers a strong dark drink that emulates the flavor of the espresso, go for oat milk.

 The iced caramel coffee with oat milk is even better tasting. It tastes similar to a typical iced caramel coffee but the iced oat milk latte tastes stronger. It’s a great balance between a strong coffee flavor and a caramel flavor. With whole milk, the coffee is a little too sweet but with oat milk, it’s balanced.

When comparing prices, it’s a 50 cent difference. A medium iced coffee with whole milk is $2.79, while with oat milk it’s $3.29. With a medium iced latte with whole milk, the price is $3.79 and with oat milk it is $4.29. Therefore, if looking for a cheaper option, oat milk is not the way to go.

The Hilights: 

What: Medium iced coffee with oat milk

Rating: 4 out of 5 

What: Iced Caramel oat milk latte

Rating: 3 out of 5

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