Netflix recruits TikTok influencers for one of their new original reality tv shows. According to Insider, the show is called “The Hype Life” but Netflix still hasn’t confirmed the title.

Other details about the show are yet to be revealed because it is currently in production. Allegedly, the show will take place in the gigantic hype house located in Hollywood Hills. The show will feature 8 TikTokers who in total collect 126.4 million followers solely on TikTok: Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy), Nikita Dragun, Larri Merrit, Kovur Annon, Alex Warren, Sienna Mae Gomez, Thomas Petrou and Jack Wright. 

Despite few details released, Netflix and the influencers are facing backlash as some think the streaming service is platforming people that don’t deserve the opportunity. The main person facing negative backlash is Nikita Dragun. Dragun has been accused of darkening her skin, hanging out with people that are accused pedophiles and continuously going out during a pandemic without a mask. Additionally, Dragun was accused of throwing up to three parties in L.A. when gatherings of that size were illegal.

“I think it’s really dumb [to have a show] because they are supposed to be ‘influencers’ but the only influence they have on people is negative. When I think about an influencer I think about how they should be positively impacting social media and spreading positivity,” sophomore Savannah Negron said.

Not only is Dragun considered problematic, Chase Hudson has been accused numerous times of using racist terms. Sienna Gomez, another person that faced backlash before was accused of glamorizing eating disorders when she released merch with the words “Did you eat today?”

“Some influencers have younger audiences and the influencers are doing some awful things and their young audiences are following in their footsteps,” Negron said.

Another problem people found with Netflix creating this show is the possibility that fan favorite shows were cancelled to fund this one. Fan favorites like Atypical, The Society, Anne With an E and Dead to Me.

“This was the last straw, I’m cancelling my subscription! @netflix,” one user on Twitter said.

Although some Netflix users plan to boycott the show, others are curious to see it.

“I am interested in seeing this new show because I recognize many people from TikTok [that are going to] be on there. I [want to] see how bad it’s gonna be because what could possibly be more interesting than them dancing for thirty seconds,” junior Ashlynn Willis said.

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