Mapping the Seven Deadly Sins



Now that we have completed our review of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues in preparation for our study of Chaucer, it’s time to apply what we’ve learned to current events. ¬†Consider the information about each sin and its corresponding virtue. Then review the map indicating the saintly vs. sinful areas of the country. After reviewing all the maps, your task is to write a short paper integrating the information from the presentation into your future life. Your paper should answer these questions:

1. Based on the information, which state/area of the country would you choose to establish your family? Give reasons why this area would be a good place to raise a family.

2. Based on the information, which state/area of the country would you avoid when selecting a place to settle down? Explain your reasoning, again by using specifics from the presentation and the maps.

You don’t necessarily have to choose a gold area–what benefit is there to raising children in an area that presents more of a challenge? Consider also how you might overcome the influence of a particular sin. Remember that gray areas on the map don’t mean the sin isn’t present; it just means that area has an average distribution of the sin compared to the country as a whole.¬†Clickable maps that can be enlarged for detail may be found here.

Your completed paper, which may be handwritten (2 full pages) or typed (1 page), is due when you arrive in class Friday, November 7.



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