Poetry: A Way In

One helpful method to get to the meaning of a poem is to use the TPCASTT process. This method walks you through the poem in a way that will help you unearth the meaning.

For this assignment, you will select two poems. One must be a pre-20th century work, while the other must be a modern (post-1900) poem. You will use the TPCASTT method with each poem to reveal its meaning. Please select unfamiliar poems for the assignment.

You may download a handout of the TPCASTT method from the AP Resources page.

To find poems, try the databases linked below:
Academy of American Poets
National Poetry Foundation
Poetry Out Loud

Your poem analyses are due at the beginning of class Tuesday, January 8. You should submit a copy of each poem along with the analysis, which may be handwritten or typed.

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