Semester Reflection: AP

self reflectionNow that we have completed the first semester, it is time to reflect on your performance as a student of AP English. For this assignment, you will need to review the items in your portfolio and the scores you received on the semester mock exam.


1)    Review your written responses for commonalities. Is there a comment that keeps recurring? Record it. What are the most common problems on your papers? 

2)    What can you do to address and correct your writing problems? Is there a specific lesson I could give that would help? 

3)    Compare some earlier papers with papers written more recently. Where do you see that you have grown/improved? 

4)    Think about your reading habits for the class. Have you read all the works? If you haven’t read all of the assigned works, what is preventing you from finishing them on time? 

5)    What else do you need to do to be a successful student in the course and on the AP exam? Consider such things as distractions during class (phone/talking/other work you’re doing instead), scheduling, navigating Canvas, etc.



Review your mock exam and respond to the following questions.

1)    MULTIPLE CHOICE: Review your score. Did you earn at least half of the points (26+)? If so, how can you continue to score well? If not, what prevented you from scoring at least half?

2)    FREE RESPONSE: Skim each of your three essays. Then for each, respond to the following:
—Is your score for the question LOW (0-3), MIDRANGE (4-6), or HIGH (7-9)?
—What would you need to do to move this essay into the next score range?

3)    Overall, what would help you feel more confident on the exam? Consider such things as practice items, workshop, tutoring, etc.

When you have finished your reflection, please file your mock exam in your class portfolio. Take the time to weed out your portfolio. Remove any extraneous papers that do not relate directly one of the exam questions, i.e. old homework, classwork, etc. Keep the copies of your Six Pack Sheets and Window Notes from your play’s lit circle for review before the exam.

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