The Awakening Pronunciation Guide


The Awakening‘s setting among New Orleans’ Creole community brings with it the inevitable wave of French names. Here is a brief pronunciation guide for major character and place names in the novel:

Alcée Arobin – al-SAY a-ro-BANH *

Chênière Caminada – shuh-ne-AIR* ka-mi-NAD

Lebrun – leh-BRUNH *

Léonce – LAY-ons

Pontellier – PAHN-tay-yay

Ratignolle – ra-tee-NYOL

Reisz – RICE

* In French, the final “n” or “r” sound would be pronounced toward the back of the mouth, almost as if it’s being swallowed.

Original cover of The Awakening at its publication in 1899.

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