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By David Matteson

Intestines and blood flying out of a movie screen is not one may expect on a typical trip to the cinema.  However, there is nothing typical about Saw 7: The Final Chapter.

This is the first Saw movie to be filmed in 3D, and the effects are enough to keep one on edge.  In the first 10 minutes of the film viewers have a woman’s internal organs come flying at them.  Following the Saw trend, the first scene involves a grisly trap where two men must decide to kill each other or the woman who both love.  While this scene is visually interesting and prepares the audience for the gore they are about to witness.  However, after the opening the movie quickly goes downhill.

The main trap focuses around Bobby (Sean Patrick Flanery, The Boondock Saints) a man who claims to have escaped from a Jigsaw (Tobin Bell, Boogeyman 3) trap in the past.  He has exploited this lie for fame and fortune, and now he is apart of four grisly traps.  Similar to the third and sixth movies, the tortured protagonist must sacrifice his own physical health in order to save people who are significant in his life.  Each trap escalates in the amount of distasteful bloodshed.

While the traps are unique, the plot itself lacks substance.  Unlike Saw movies in the past one is unable to empathize or connect with the protagonist.  Moreover, viewers will be apathetic towards whether Bobby and his friends survive, as he lacks the depth of past victims.

Finally, the trademark Saw twist that is supposed to leave audiences breathless is extremely disappointing.  If one has paid attention to any of the news circulating the movie and its cast, he will be able to predict who truly is running Jigsaw’s final traps.

Overall the film is interesting to watch, but lacks anything beneath the surface value.  Those who have been fans of the series will truly be let down by this shallow bloodbath.  Rating: two out of five stars

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