Ever since the Atlanta born group, Sugarland, started its journey in 2002 the duo has been on a roll. While 2009 was their biggest year so far, with platinum status songs, recording their first Christmas album and Grammy awards, their new album The Incredible Machine takes them to another level of fame.

From the beat of drum to plucking of guitar strings to Jennifer Nettles roaring voice, the songs on this album will resonate in one’s head for days. The songs on this album are meant to leave one with a subtle yet heroic message. The fist pumping “Find the Beat” tells listeners, nothing lasts forever, so be happy it happened and move on. Throughout the song “Stand Up” Nettles and Kristian Bush proclaim to “be yourself, use your voice, and stand up.”

This album does not deserve the negative hits it has been receiving. People say they are trying too hard to do well, not really. Doing well and creating music that people enjoy is just natural for them. The songs on this album are some of the best songs o date. The lyrics are relatable to every age, they speak about events that everyone goes through. The sound is better than the normal country twang and banjo pickin’ that people are accustomed to. If country is your genre, this is a must buy.

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