Mediterranean Blue offers traditional Greek dishes such as a Pasta Salad ($2) and a fulfilling Gyro ($5.95).

Driving down Michigan Avenue one might notice the colloquial building surrounded with nothing but windows and limited parking.  Although the appearance of the restaurant doesn’t look modern, Mediterranean Blue offers authentic Greek dishes for the local area to enjoy.

As one walks through the door, one will feel instantly as if they are about to enjoy a home-cooked meal from his or her own mother. Everyone is instantly greeted by the owner with a smile.

Blue’s menu offers a variety of Greek sandwiches including the popular Gyro ($5.95), which is a pita filled with seasoned and roasted beef and lamb. Taking a bite of the gyro, one will receive the savoring tastes of the meat and their home made sauce, tzatziki, which has a resemblance to Ranch dressing.

Along with sandwiches, Blue offers well-known Greek rice salads and a pasta salad. For those not familiar with the traditional Greek dishes, the hostess will provide one with a sample of any dish to discover his or her likings. The pasta salad ($2) offers a tangy taste to their red sauce; however, it is similar to an Italian marinara sauce if one is uncertain about this foreign food.

As one waits for his or her food, he or she can sit in the common and enjoy the peaceful music they playing with paintings that surround the dining tables.

To complete the home-like meal, Blue offers three choices of desserts in which the owner strongly recommended the homemade Baklava ($3) made of thin layers of pastry, walnuts and a sugar and cinnamon sauce slavered among the layers. This traditional Greek dessert savors in one’s mouth desiring for more and wishing for another serving once it’s finished.

Adding to Blue’s delicious mouth-watering dishes, they also tend to the environment by providing a complete eco-friendly restaurant. The logo “Green with pride” stands among every table with a pamphlet explaining how they treat the Earth. Nothing is made from trees. Their “plastic” looking cups are made from corn, the forks and straws are made of plants and the to-go containers are made of sugar cane.

There is no reason to deny this locally owned restaurant. Treated like family to the best Greek dishes in town, this diner-like eatery is great for anyone looking for a tasty meal.

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