Taylor Swift released her newest album, Speak Now, on Tuesday, Oct. 26, with 14 new tracks. As always, Swift didn’t let her fans down. Including both vocals and strong guitar instrumentals, Swift’s songs include a balance of the two without overdoing either.

Taylor Swift released her new album, Speak Now, on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

Swift wrote all 14 songs herself just as she has with her previous albums. With her hit songs “Love Story” and “Our Song”, she was seen as a country singer; but, in this album her songs take a twist and become pop-country intertwining the two.

Continuing with her authentic theme, Swift’s songs catch the teenage girls eye as she focuses on relationships.  In this new album, she continues to express her feelings from personal experiences about past relationships. The fact that teenage girls endure these same feelings makes it easy for one to connect with her album.

In her song Dear John, she reflects on her relationship with John Mayer. Swift expresses her feelings and even says “don’t you think I was too young to be messed with” which allows young teens to reflect on their own relationship with an older man. Swift continues to relate her love life in her other songs, not scared of what people may feel or think. It’s her life- real stories, real experiences.

The majority of this new album focuses on her break-ups. The album doesn’t portray Swift as a princess but rather an everyday teenager struggling through boy troubles. This theme shows throughout her three albums, which makes her different from other artist. She realizes she is no different than anyone else; she only wants to share her voice and feelings with her fans.

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