They began in Liverpool, traveled to America, and now they have made it to iTunes.  For days leading up to The Beatles appearance, advertised a surprise with tight lips on specifics, but on Nov. 16, iTunes welcomed The Beatles.

Sophomore Michelle Duncan is excited for the release, but does not think it will have that many benefits for iTunes.
“I think it won’t bring in that much money because people probably got songs from other sources, so there is no need to buy it from iTunes,” Duncan said.
However, senior Daniel Ruiz disagrees and believes with The Beatles background iTunes will benefit.
“It’s definitely good that The Beatles are finally on iTunes because now more people can access their music without having to download it illegally,” Ruiz said. “iTunes is going to make a decent amount of money on every purchase of their music, which will be substantial because The Beatles have sold more records than any other band ever.”
iTunes is charging $12.90 for every album, which is a higher premium than other albums, and the single songs are the normal price of $1.25.

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