Kanye West’s fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy came out 39 days prior to the conclusion of the decade, but is undoubtedly the most well-constructed, musically genius album of the past 10 years.
Sporting singles such as “Power” and “Runaway,” as well as hidden gems like “Lost in The World” and “All of the Lights,” West’s most recent album has redefined the standard for all music.  It contains everything along the musical spectrum, from heavy trumpets to heavy rap, and has something for all.
“Runaway” is the defining track on the album as it juxtaposes Kanye’s average vocals with a simple beat to create both an appealing and dynamic sound.  The raw quality of West’s voice, coupled with the catchy hook of the drum kit, is mesmerizing.  Even more so, for the last three and a half minutes of the nine-minute single West wails in auto-tune, harmonizing his voice with the violins, a simple sound that highlights West’s genius.
“All of the Lights” is the most musically distinct track as it strays from the rap genre is categorized under and demonstrates both his music and producing prowess.  The song is dominated by a chorus of trumpets, a sound which sets the tone perfectly as both grand and enveloping.  Rihanna was the perfect guest vocal for the single and, coupled with West’s part, sets the song apart from the rest.
“Lost in the World” is the final song on the album and seems to pick up where “All of the Lights” left off.  Rather than rap, West focuses on a more grand sound, cemented by a chorus harmonized by a choir of people.  The song is more about the musical quality than the lyrics, as are most of the songs on the album, and that is the biggest reason why it transcends any genre boundaries and can appeal to all music advocates.
West likes to remind people that he can neither sing, dance nor play an instrument, but that has yet to keep him from producing some of today’s best music.  Although he may not be the most musically talented musician in the game, he stands above all the rest.
Regardless of what type of music people like or how much they dislike Kanye West, it is absolutely essential they buy this album.  It will forever stand as the album which changed the landscape of music and is a necessity in the library of all music-lovers.
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Deluxe edition with alternate covers and 30-minute Runaway DVD- $19.99
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- 12.99

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